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In autumn 2020, the BuchBasel book festival teamed up with the City of Basel Music Academy to invite submissions for the SONX funding competition. The aim was to encourage new projects at the intersection of music and literature. After examining over 60 entries, the jury put six projects through to the second round. These six projects each received coaching and CHF 3,000 to develop their pieces. The public award ceremony took place on 5 November 2021.

The Winners are:

1. Prize
Mischa Escher & Ra Fankhauser: ‘U-R’. This audio piece explores perceived gender roles and everything between. Words and sounds are used to search for identity. Are there boundaries? Are boundaries needed? In ‘U-R’, the young artists playfully combine different text and sound styles.

2. Prize
Eric Ehrhardt & Martin Reck: ‘Xyziped’. This installation and performance piece deals with the idea of a tool that, for all its functionality, weighs heavy on the workbench at home, unused. The ‘Xyziped’ embodies both the thing and the place towards which it gravitates: musical score and reading, manuscript, concert, pagination and musical phrase.

3. Prize
Noemi Wyrsch & Demian Wyssmann: ‘Drumrum’. This installation examines the isolation experienced by people who are suffering from mental illness. With carpets of sound, alienated language and physically separated spaces, the aim is to allow the feeling of misunderstanding and the incomprehensible to surface and become tangible.

Audience Award
Akan, Kofi & Reez: ‘KenteVerse’. A combination of spoken word and rap, the work ‘KenteVerse’, performed in Twi, explores the sounds and the fabric produced by traditional Ghanaian weaving. Each woven pattern has its own story and its own sound. They have been electronically interpreted for SONX.


Phoebe Bognár & álom ensemble: ‘Ma, Tegnap, Holnap’. This intergenerational musical and literary dialogue deals with memories and culture and features poetry by Bognár’s Hungarian Jewish grandmother, who was sent to Auschwitz during the Second World War.

Anouchka Enzinga, Jean Foncé and Imani Fux: ‘Space of Comfort’. What is healing? And what are we healing from? In ‘Space of Comfort’, everyday sounds and snippets of conversation are transformed into an Afrofuturistic journey. Loneliness, a lack of structure and shared experiences on the theme of healing lie at its heart.


Six projects chosen from among the entries will be awarded funding of CHF 3,000. This amount plus the literature/music/video coaching can be used to work on the projects.


The six entries will be presented to the jury and the public at the SONX final in November 2021 (live or digital). First to third places will receive prize money of between CHF 3,000 and CHF 1,000. The public will choose the recipient of a prize of CHF 1,000.

Award ceremony

The audience will be invited to vote for the projects – resulting in an audience award.

Jury 20/21:

Uli Fussenegger
Jennifer Khakshouri
Fatima Moumouni
Lucas Niggli
Nico Schmied

More information and conditions of participation

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SONX is a project of the BuchBasel international literary festival and the City of Basel Music Academy. The funding competition is made possible by the Levedo Foundation.


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